20in30-Week 2 Intensity Day

It’s Week 2 and today is all about intensity again, heavy weight for a few reps. Last week I worked up to a 3rm. My goal this week is to hit that same weight for 3 reps + 5lbs. If I can do that every week for a month than I will reach my goal of 20lbs in 30 days. This simple progression is called linear periodization, utilizing the principle of progressive overload.
But first, a quick story. Way back in the 6th century, Milo of Croton was said to be a giant of a man and incredibly strong. He was a 6 time Olympic victor in wrestling and supposedly ate 20 lbs of meat and 20 lbs of bread…a day!
The real story I want to tell you is how he supposedly gained all his strength. He apparently carried a calf everyday on his shoulders. Now carrying a calf may not sound too incredible but Milo carried it everyday until it was a full grown bull! That is impressive! Whether the story is true or not is irrelevant, the story is a perfect example of progressive overload. Everyday lift a little more weight. Everyday get a little bit better.
This is what linear progressions are based on, progressive overload. Linear progressions are a great way to increase volume and intensity over time and it’s incredibly simple. Add weight to the bar or reps every workout or week. Programs like Strong Lifts and Starting Strength use this linear model and it truly is effective, especially with beginners. (Newbie gains are the best!) However, you can only move in a linear fashion for so long before gains come to a halt. I’m utilizing a linear progression for my intensity day and only for a month before going to different style of programming.
So with all that being said! Here was my workout for today. At the end of the 30 days I will have this program available in a PDF format. Interested? let me know!


Super Set 1

Bench Press: Work up to 3RM+5lbs (200lbs today) – Then 90% for 3×3

Cable Row: 1 set of 10 for every set of bench press, including warm ups.


Super Set 2

Hammer Curls: Sets of 50, 40, 30

DB Tricep Extensions: Sets of 50, 40, 30


Super Set 3

Cable Curl w/ Iso Hold: 3×15 (arms were trashed so I stopped at 15 a piece)

Cable Tricep Pushdown W/ Hold: 3×15