20in30 – Day 4 Deadlifts

Today is one my favorite days of the week. DEADLIFT DAY!

Deadlift Black and White

Similar to my squat programming, I will be deadlifting once a week during this month. Most people believe that you shouldn’t deadlift more than once a week but I saw some pretty amazing progress when I had one heavy deadlift day and another day where I focused on lighter deadlifts.

To keep my overall volume down, I’m doing 3×3 on deadlifts. I want to stay heavy so I don’t lose my strength but the goal is to still feel fresh the next day for bench press.

If you’ve seen videos on instagram, I usually pull sumo, where my arms are inside my legs. I switched to sumo less than a year ago and it has revolutionized my deadlift training. I am able to pull more weight and my back feels incredibly stronger. I think with my shorter arms and long torso that the leverages work out better for me in sumo.

However, I still try to always pull at least once a week with a conventional stance. Right now I am focusing on doing some Romanian deadlifts with my close stance.

Check out the workout, it’s Ed Coan inspired so hopefully the GOAT will approve.

Sumo Deadlift: 3×3 – hit 335 for some solid reps.

Romanian Deadlift: 3×5 – Really happy with how easy 225 felt today.

Barbell Bent Over Row: 3×8

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